Thursday, March 8, 2012

Observer Reports of 2011 Nicaragua Elections

In addition to my blogpost regarding the rigging of the November 2011 elections of Nicaragua you'll find the reports of the three major foreign observers below. All three mention numerous serious irregularities and it is unlikely they coordinated their findings at forehand. These reports are not easy to find and hardly linked to. That's why I put them here. They demonstrate the serious rigging of the elections.

OAS issued its "preliminary" report on 21 Nov 2011. It was rejected the same day by the Nica government and CSE, also it wasn't made public.
OAS' Misiones de Observación Electoral issued its 74 page "final" report titled "INFORME FINAL DE LA MISIÓN DE ACONPAÑAMIENTO ELECTORAL DE LA OEA SOBRE LAS ELECCIONES GENERALES CELEBRADAS EN LA REPÚBLICA DE NICARAGUA EL 6 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2011" (14 MB) on January 27th 2012. It wasn't rejected anymore by CSE or the new government. Obviously there was a lot of diplomatic negotiation between OAS and Nicaragua about the report to make it look better.  You can read it at the link above (14 MB) or if that's dead you can read it here (5 MB).

The Carter Center issued and published its report titled "The November 2011Elections in Nicaragua Study Mission Report" on January 7, 2012. It mentions quite some irregularities and was the most critical. You can read it at the link above or if that's dead you can read it here.

The EU Election Observation Mission, issued its final report titled "NICARAGUA FINAL REPORT General Elections and Parlacen Elections 2011" on Feb. 21 2011. It's equally critically as the Carter report and more critical than the OAS report. You can read it at the link above or if that's not valid anymore it's made available here.

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