Welcome to this blog spot! I hope you will find interesting stories here, that will make you think... whether you agree upon it or not. I do have a strong interest for Latin America for many years. I read LatAm newspapers daily and I've read quite a lot of books regarding Latin American history and modern Latin American politics. I wouldn't call myself an expert on Latin American issues, but I feel no layman either. I do have a few small businesses in few Latin American countries. I will try to write and publish my opinions here on issues that are in the news and I will try to make a connection to events in history (or the other way around). This looks to me as an interesting theme. 

The topics I write about may highlight some "negative" aspects about Latin American countries. Don't let that keep you from visiting these countries! Without exception Latin American people are warmhearted and simply marvelous. You should keep in mind that most LatAm countries are young democracies, that have suffered colonialism, neo-colonialism, imposed neo-liberalism and repeatedly US military and covert interventions in the past. 

If you have different views or thoughts on published stories than me, I would be more than happy if you would share and explain them in your posted comments. However, due to web-spam control your comment will not be published right away. If your comment is interesting to me, I will certainly respond. If your comment is insulting or libeling, I will probably not publish it. You're welcome to link to my blog-posts and you may quote a snippet. However you're not allowed to re-publish the full text of any of my blog-posts or quote any snippet without linking to it. Images that are not in the Public Domain may not be re-published either. Copyright of all blog-posts will remain the property of LatAm-Threads.  Naturally you will own the copyright of your own posted comments. Thank you for reading.